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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

What to Expect

Therapy with me usually starts with a brief discussion over the telephone. You share with me the reason(s) you are seeking therapy at this time and I answer any questions that you may have about how I practice. I may also ask you a few questions about your current situation and background. During this conversation, we discuss fees and schedules and if after talking for a little while we both feel that we would be a good fit for one another, we set up a first appointment. 

Prior to your first appointment, I will provide you with some consent forms for your review. During our first meeting, I will explain the conditions of treatment (such as the limits to confidentiality required by my profession) and confirm your understanding of and consent to the services being offered. I will then gather personal information from you, such as your address, date of birth and emergency contact information. Once this preliminary information is gathered, I will invite you to tell me more about yourself and what you hope to gain from therapy.

The therapy process is about a client and a therapist working together to help the client with whatever seems most important to the client. You bring your expertise of yourself and I bring my training, experience and commitment to help you achieve your goals.